Inspiration has been drawn from Proverbs 19:21 as the week’s memory verse. It indicates that there are many plans in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s purpose and counsel will prevail. This is why we should ask God for His guidance through our daily living in order to fulfil His will and praise. Out of God’s purpose, He provided us with an amazing gift – the Saviour of the world – which gives us a reason to praise Him. This amazing gift in Christ Jesus helps us to live according to the will of God. Looking back in the year 2023, there was the need for self-assessment and examination to determine how well you’ve done the year so far. The self-assessment was to enable you to reflect on your life’s performance regarding the various aspects of life including academics, profession, spirituality, relationship and finances as well as all other relevant related aspects. A good self-assessment is critical for effective planning for the coming year.

Following the self-assessment, Jesus’ parable on the man building a tower and a king preparing for battle drew our attention to the importance of planning for our lives. You will, therefore, need to consciously sit down and plan, estimate and consider the variables and indices of the coming year. It would be very necessary to write out the plan and discipline yourself to follow them because an unwritten plan is only an idea which remains in your head. Planning will help you make informed and definitive decisions, and reduce the ad-hoc ones.

As important as planning for your life is, you cannot do it without God. This is why you will need to commit your works to Him, so that He will establish your plans. We need to be humble and allow God to use us to accomplish His ultimate purpose. For as we live, we live for Him. In this regard, trust that God being on your side remains the strongest pushing factor to victory. He has assured us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. As a time-tested source of blessings, never forget His benefits, counting your blessings and numbering them one by one. It will amaze you how the great and marvellous hand of God will move in your life.