Exposition:It has been exciting this festive week studying about “Understanding the essence of Christ’s birth”: born with a purpose, His nature revealed, the name Jesus, Love to the world and the significance of His virgin birth. We’ve learnt that the essence of Christ’s birth is seen in the purpose of God for mankind, His nature, the love of God, His unique birth and His name. His virgin birth and His sinless nature affirm His deity. The attributes of love seen in His giving, His purpose on earth and the authority in His name are aspects of the Son of God that we have discussed and related to our daily Christian living. We also learnt that the name is a key that makes the impossible possible. As already indicated in our studies, the love of God is seen in giving. The world became the recipient of His love when He gave us Jesus. Christ also gave Himself as a sacrifice for us. The wise men also exemplified this at His birth by giving quality gifts to the baby Jesus. Show somebody the love of Christ today by giving him or her a treasured gift. God bless you for your kind heart. Amen! Merry Christmas.