By the grace of God, this week we have gone through a quiet time for young parents and families. You learnt that a parent is either an individual or a couple with either or both biological and adopted children. Anyone who contributes to the well-being of the family in the home is included in the family quiet time.

The word of God is the central bank of every Christian home and it takes regular periods of family quiet time to build it. Just as you would go to your bank for financial help in times of need, so the word bank of your family will see you through the turbulent phase of your lives. The emphasis is on consistent quiet time.

Find time to pray effectively with the family during your quiet time moments. Pray all kinds of prayers. Remember, if you want to serve the Lord right, you need to spend some time in prayer. Create Proskuneo or Latria sessions in your home. Worship is a beautiful way to bring down the presence of God. Practice it. Nothing escapes the lenses of God. As you spend quality time with the family in the presence of God, He reveals mysteries about your family to you and gives you directions as to the way forward. There is so much noise in the world out there but the quiet time you spend before the Lord will bring peace untold.