Throughout the week, we have been looking at the Christian home and the family. We learnt that raising children is a God-given privilege and it requires thorough preparation as well as commitment. The influx of urbanization into our societies and communities has brought with it many negative influences on our children and Youth. This has made the building of a God-fearing family with biblical principles like patience, diligence and understanding extremely difficult.

We also learnt the need to honour our parents; we can do that by speaking very well of them or by refusing to speak evil of them no matter the situation. We live in a time that it is considered to be very therapeutic to air our dirty laundry. We think little of telling the world exactly what we think of our bosses and our parents yet the Bible warns us that we owe honour and respect to all of the authorities God has placed over us.

Again, we also learnt that, as Christians, we cannot allow ourselves to be swept away in the undercurrent of busyness. The word of God empowers us to face and overcome temptations, reveals the mind of God to us, encourages us and fills us with joy in the face of challenges. The word makes us grow strong spiritually so that we cannot be easily blown away by every wind of increasing false teachings in society today. Finally, we learnt that when we plan, we experience more margin and freedom in our lives – which means we are freed to further God’s work here on earth. When you plan ahead, there is money left to give generously. Good families plan ahead to get the best deals leading to wise spending.