This week, we have put our contribution to good governance under the spotlight. Prayer, participation, joining hands together, submitting to authorities and remaining true to our identity were seen as some of the contributions we can make to ensure good governance.

Scriptures underscore the importance of good governance and also show that wise leaders uphold justice and the common good of society, especially for those who are poor and needy. Our well-being one way or the other is contingent on how the country is run. Without kowtowing to the idea that the church must not mix faith with politics, the Church must use its numbers to positively influence good governance.

After the people of Israel returned from exile in Babylon, the governor, Nehemiah, was able to ask the king of Persia to supply resources for rebuilding Jerusalem because of his faithful role in the governance of Persia (Nehemiah 2:1-9). Daniel and his Hebrew friends held positions of political influence in Babylon (Daniel 2:46-49). Joseph served the good of his people through his active participation in the Egyptian political structure of his day (Genesis 41). They all exercised good governance in the midst of ungodly governmental and political structures.

The Lord will use you to influence change and transform lives this week.

The Lord will bring you refreshment this week. Jesus, be glorified.