We have been looking at the Christian in the contemporary world.  We observed that our world today fits into the ‘last days’ prophesied about by Apostle Paul. People have become lovers of themselves, lovers of money, and lovers of pleasure instead of lovers of God.

Love for self is seen in the way people place their feelings and wishes above the laws of God. People want to do what pleases them, yet they expect the Bible and society to endorse their actions.

The Christian must understand that the word of God is the rule or canon by which their life must be measured. We are in a world of thick darkness but God’s light is shining ever brighter as well. We, as Christians, must arise and shine in this dark world. We should use social media to spread the word of God and promote good morals in society.

Despite the global crisis, we can still trust God to keep His own and provide for us. We should, however, learn contentment and control our appetite for overbuying and consuming material goods.