We took a journey this week, examining some lessons and benefits from our walk with Jesus, beginning with the story of Joseph and Mary taking Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem when He was twelve (12) years old. We learnt that as Christians, we should not pride ourselves on knowing and walking with Jesus, especially in our going out, and leave Him behind or exchange Him with our business for the day. We also learnt that it takes a lot of effort and time when you want to correct a mistake as happened to Joseph and Mary. They went on a day’s journey; however, it took them three days before they found Jesus in the temple. This was so because they assumed Jesus was in their company when in fact He was not. This made us aware that we should be more responsible and dare to probe further in all our dealings.

The week also taught us that dwelling in the house of God is good but engaging and communing with the Lord is better for our Christian walk. Jesus was found to be about his Father’s business and He would not let anybody distract Him, not even His parents. We concluded our journey this week by learning that, by taking daily doses of the anti-worry drug as we walk with Him, we maintain our peace of mind and heart. Paul further outlined some strategies to deal with divisions and promote peace by praying, thinking, and living right.