Congratulations for going through this week’s devotion successfully. We aimed at knowing what the kingdom of heaven is about. We learnt that the kingdom is offered to those who put God’s kingdom before their own self-interest. Those who disobey this command are like chaff that will be separated from the wheat and burn with unquenchable fire. Rejecting the kingdom of heaven has eternal consequences. Therefore, we must repent because the kingdom of heaven is near.

Secondly, the process to acquire the kingdom of God was discussed. The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ was not only as a result of announcing the coming of the Kingdom, but also as the one through whom we gain entrance to the Kingdom. If you confess your sins to God and believe that Jesus Christ died for you so that you might be forgiven, He is faithful and just to forgive your sins and purify you from all unrighteousness. If we confess our sins, it means that we have agreed with God regarding our sins and repent of them.

We again looked at the satisfaction that could be obtained from the kingdom by seeking first the kingdom of heaven. The pursuit of things never brings satisfaction because of one simple truth: We don’t need things to have life; we need life to have things. Many people “need” a nice car in order to feel important. They must wear brand-new clothes to enhance their self-image. They must always buy the newest and latest thing if they are to feel fulfilled in life. Our value and self-worth derive from who we are, not from what we have. We are of priceless worth to God regardless of any possessions we own. The Kingdom of God is the vital response to our needs. It satisfies our longings and answers all our problems. Everything we humans seek is found in the Kingdom of heaven.

The secret of the Kingdom of Heaven is meant for honest seekers. God reveals the secret of the Kingdom of God to people who will act on it, who will make it visible in their lives. The Kingdom of God contains everything its citizens need. And everything in the Kingdom belongs to the King. So once we put all our trust in the King, then everything that belongs to the King also belongs to us.