The tongue of man can be used to lash his fellow man (Job 5:21) and today’s Scripture has shown this is true. Slander is described as words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another or an abasing attack on a person’s characters or good name. In slander, we say things about our brothers and sisters that are not necessarily true. And those are things we will not be confident to say in their presence. By influencing us against each other in slanders and lies, Satan brings us into confusion and quenches our zeal so God’s work is slowed down. Whilst heresies attack God and His truth directly, slander and flattery affect God’s people directly to affect God, His truth and His work indirectly.

Slanders and lies sow seeds of bitterness which galls the atmosphere against the work of the Holy Spirit. They quench the zeal of the zealous and discourage the serious and faithful. They also kill commitment. Lies and slander breed division and bring disorder in the body of Christ. They have accounted for breakaways than perhaps any other factor in the church. They bring distress, pain, regret and erode self-confidence. They also destroy people’s reputation and spoil the future God has prepared for them.

Before we slander our brothers, let us remember that slandering someone is like running sharp and piercing arrows of a warrior or intensely burning coals from juniper weed through them (Psalm 120:4). The man that tells lies about his friend is like attacking him with a hammer and a sword and sharp arrows (Prov. 25:18). Lying and slandering are abominations to God (Proverbs 6:16-19). Lies and slanders will not escape God’s punishment (Proverbs 19:5, 9; Revelations 21:8)

If “Telling lies about friends is like attacking them with clubs and swords and sharp arrows” according to Proverbs 25:18 (CEV), would you continue to slander your friend? Well, it’s over to you.