According to the Scripture reading, the people of Israel were faced with a great challenge, and that had to do with the Philistines. These Philistines presented a soldier whose strength and physique were way above any of the soldiers of Israel’s army. This put Israel in great fear. Then suddenly came a young man called David who, after inquiring about what would be done for the one who would kill Goliath, decided to take up this great challenge which even elderly people ran away from.

Goals that are challenging are not meant to stop you from getting what you aspire to have or become, rather they push you harder to fulfil your goal. David took inspiration from his experiences as a shepherd to confront Goliath, who was a reproach to the army of Israel and consequently brought him down. He was confident he would realise his goal because he believed in God. Easy goals will not motivate you to work hard. Therefore, you must have a challenging goal, but it should be one that is still achievable.

You’re not an ordinary young person, so do not relax by doing what every other young person does. You are a child of God and you have the Spirit of God in you, so press on and pursue extraordinary but attainable goals.