The purpose of every product is to be just as the manufacturer intended it to be. In the same way, the Landowner, God your Creator, has a purpose for creating you. No matter what you do at any point in life, you need to have this purpose in mind and walk in it as such. Every owner has authority over what he or she owns, has a WILL, can take accountability from his subjects and has the power to reward (blesses or punishes).

Jesus said He was sent from heaven just to do one thing: the WILL of the One who sent Him. And so He preached according to the WILL of the Father; He healed and did good (miracles) according to the WILL of God and even at the point of death, Jesus said not my will but according to the WILL of the Father be done.

Dear one, as we begin a new month, know that your purpose in life is to do the WILL of God at all times. So, pursue your academics, career path, relationship with your spouse, your colleagues, superiors
or subordinates, spiritual growth commitment and by extension every aspect of your life according to the WILL of God for your life. As you do His WILL, He will reward you. You don’t only need to be in full-time ministry to do His WILL. Living according to His WILL is simply living according to His Word. His Word is His WILL. You are called to do one thing at all times and at all places and that is His WILL.