One of the periods one can serve God diligently and faithfully is when one is single. Although this is debatable, the Apostle Paul has addressed this issue in 1Cor 7:7-35. In his letter to the church in Corinth, Apostle Paul makes it clear that a married person seeks to please the husband/wife whilst a single person seeks to please God. Serving God is a demonstration of your love to God through the acts of service you do for others.

It is important to note that single Christians have the opportunity to serve the Lord fully and devote time and energy to the advancement of the kingdom. In addition, single people have fewer responsibilities, which gives them the freedom to make choices without worrying about how they will affect their spouses or children. This can provide greater flexibility and increased opportunities for serving the Lord. The single person is also able to have time to focus on strengthening his/her relationship with God through the study of the word (Psalms 119:105), meditation and prayer.

In view of this, it is prudent that you build a consistent devotional life as a single person. What are some of the activities you can engage in serving the Lord with your single life?

● Be fully involved in the activities of the church: As a single person, be actively involved in teaching services (bible studies, Sunday school and home cell), visiting backsliders and also partake in programs organized by the church.

● Soul winning: Another way you can serve the Lord diligently is to be involved in the mission activities of the church. Use your time to engage in personal evangelism and other soul winning activities like rallies and crusades. Through these, souls are won for Christ and you enjoy the blessings of God.

As part of enjoying your single life, serve the Lord with all your heart and through that you will receive that inner joy, peace and hope.