A careful reflection of the story of the widow’s mite also brings to mind another dimension of the story altogether. The story paints a vivid picture of God’s perspective of giving. While the poor widow was highly praised for giving from her “heart,” the rich folks were in a very unusual manner also highly criticized for giving “out of their abundance.”

This concept of giving in the above parable can be linked not only to monies but also to our services to the Lord. Very much like the rich folks, Christianity seems to have turned out to be more of a façade. You find people in the churches who put up pretentious looks – persons who pretend to work themselves out for God. 

As we established in the previous lesson, God is more interested in what is in the heart than our outward appearance; it is not enough to profess Christianity. One’s profession of the Christian faith must be backed by sound Christian living stemmed out of deep conviction and love for the things of God.

As in the case of the widow, she gave her all; withholding nothing. How are you living your life as a Christian? Is it a mere outward appearance lifestyle that arouses the praise of men or a genuine Christian living that warrants the Lord’s joy?