God requires that we render service to him wherever we find ourselves. Our life as Christians is seen in the way we carry ourselves in the family and community. People will judge us more by our actions than our words as it is said, “Actions speak louder than words.”

Our spouses, parents, children and brothers are the best judges to whether we are living to please the Lord or not. The way a husband relates with his wife and children has a lasting impact on their lives. Children, take a keen interest in the relationship between their parents. This has a lasting impact on their lives. Parents must seek to bring up their children in the fear of the Lord by teaching them the basic rudiments of the Christian faith. It is the responsibility of children to obey their parents and live at peace with their siblings. The family should be a place for holistic growth.

Also, Christians must serve as the salt and the light in their communities. We cannot preach to the same people we quarrel with, insult or look down upon. We must appreciate that God has placed us in the community so we can turn others to Christ. We must also express our love by showing kindness, helping those in need and doing what lies in our strength to make the community a better place. If you find it easier to share your faith with people outside your community than with people within your community, then you are failing to make an impact in your community. Let us arise and cause a change.