Just as we are being admonished to use social media to advance the kingdom of God, it is also important that we remind ourselves of the diverse opportunities available on these same platforms for our spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual developments.

Social media platforms can serve as an avenue to share and to discuss the word of God. Believers can access a wide range of Christian literatures, sermons and prayers from seasoned preachers of the gospel to inform and to reform accordingly as the word of God admonishes. You can also take advantage of the various Churches social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to build yourself.

In addition to the above, social media provides us with many other opportunities such as networking, career/business development. Inasmuch as there is a chunk of junk on social media, there are equally good materials that Christian, especially the youth, can make good use of. This is exactly what the scripture meant by “making the most of every opportunity. What good have you made of social media so far?