God, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is not only interested in telling us of our wrong actions and motives. He is there to build us up. The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to build us up, positioning us to where we should be. The Word of God doesn’t just point out where we’re wrong and leave us there. It helps in restoring us to the proper path of God’s ways. It does show us where we are wrong, so long as we are willing to study it with an open heart.

If we come to believe that the Word of God has a higher authority than the traditions of men, then studying it positions us to be renewed by the transformation of our mind, as we conform more and more to the image of our Lord. The Word of God convicts us of our wrong thoughts and ways; thus, it remains a thorough tool that corrects and reproofs us when we go wrong. To be able to decipher the truth from error; you need not follow the world’s system of morals, but the Word of God.

How often do you study the Holy Scripture? Are you being transformed as you study God’s word? Your motives and actions can only be right if you are constantly in tune with the Word of God.