There is a joy and zeal that elates the new believers as they contemplate a life in Christ that is free from guilt and condemnation. Yet there is also a realization that many of the aspects of the old life simply cannot continue in the New. What is permissible, and what is not? What pleases God and what offends Him? In short, how now do we live? Diligent study of the word, along with the indwelling conviction of the Spirit of God who wrote it, can clarify these concerns.

We discover by examining the Bible to identify those things that please the Lord and those things that do not. The Bible instructs the Christian in righteousness by showing him how he can live a God honouring life and fulfil the Lord’s purposes. When we diligently study it, when we hide it in our heart, making its teachings an integral part of who we are, our sensitivity to those things that offend God and displease Him becomes far more acute. The working knowledge of His Word brings a closeness that keeps us “plugged into” the power source – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Scripture, therefore, teaches the child of God and guides him/her to live a righteous, holy and faithful life. As scripture says “How can a young man keep his ways pure? By studying the word of God” (Psalm 119:9). The word of God teaches and instructs us to walk in purity.