From the passage, we come to know that the Word of God provides the needed resources by which the man of God is thoroughly equipped for every good work. These good works are works that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them (Ephesians 2:10). The word translated ‘equipped’ means to “furnish or fit completely.” How do the Scriptures equip us for life’s journey? It provides spiritual truth in doctrine; reproof in showing our imperfections; correction by revealing our sinful failures; and instructions in living a righteous life. There’s not a more valuable tool than God’s Word to make us fully equipped for spiritual survival and personal growth.

In effect, the word “equipped” as used by Paul, does establish that the Word of God addresses our incompetency. Through the Word of God, the believer receives wisdom, endurance and faith to move on. Being equipped with the Word also positions us to impart the truth to others confidently and effectively. You can also know God’s will as you feed on His word each day.

The Word of God indeed empowers the believer for good works. The resources for a victorious Christian life are in the Holy Scriptures, and all you are required to do is to engage them daily.