We must rejoice in the fact that we are saved. However, our salvation must not rest with us. We are to spread the good news about the salvation to others so that they shall also be saved. Our salvation story is like we being locked up in a room and Jesus opens the door and takes us out. However, some people were still inside, not knowing the door has opened. So, we are to go back in there and announce to them the opening of the prison doors so that they can also come out.

So, we are called out of the world into God’s light and have been tasked to go back with this light into the world to win others back into the light. It is the duty of every saved person to make sure others are also saved. This is exactly what Jesus asked all believers to do in our reading.

How do we do this? We can do it by sharing our faith with others. We must tell of God’s love to all people. We can tell them of Jesus dying to forgive their sins and about the joy we have found in our salvation. We can also tell them that no matter what they have done, God’s love is still available to grant them mercy and forgiveness. We also share our faith by living a godly lifestyle in our communities, schools and workplaces.

It is your duty, so go into the world!