Salvation simply means deliverance from evil or danger. In Christian circles, it is the deliverance of the sinner or humanity from the bondage of sin and its inevitable consequences which eternal death into eternal which comes by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. Our reading has clearly shown us how Timothy was taught the scriptures (word of God) from childhood. These scriptures (the word of God) were taught by his mother Eunice who also received it from Lois his grandmother (2 Timothy 1:5). It was these scriptures that informed Timothy’s decision to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour by grace through faith.

Paul also makes a profound statement in his letter to the Romans. He indicates that salvation comes not from works, but by grace through faith. However, before one could have faith, he or she must hear the word of God as it is being preached. When the word of God is heard, it must be humbly accepted. Let us therefore receive with all meekness, the instructions, reproofs and corrections of the implanted word of God, and apply same in our walk with God.

If we hear the word of God but does not obey what it says, we will be like a man who observes his face in a mirror and forgets what kind of man he is