Anyone coming to the kingdom should know that there is nothing precious than the kingdom of God and for that matter, nothing can be compared to it. Many people labour for the things that perish. When the man saw the treasure, he was filled with joy, and he sold all that he has just to get access to that treasure. It was compared to how we should also receive the Kingdom of God. After the Gospel has been preached to you, receive it with joy and be ready to leave everything at the expense of attaining the kingdom. Count everything as lost in exchange for the Kingdom of God.

Peter and His brother, after receiving a miracle from Jesus, left everything to follow Jesus. They got the revelation about the kingdom. They knew that if Jesus could perform that miracle then by following Him, they will see greater things. Beloved, there must be a sacrifice to attain the kingdom. You must leave the alcohol, you must leave that boyfriend/girlfriend, you must leave that corrupt practice, leave that rudeness behind, just to mention few vices. You have to put your body on the altar as a living sacrifice. When Zacchaeus saw Jesus, his life was turned around. He was ready to give all that he has accumulated out, just to gain the Kingdom of God.

There is a saying that; ‘no pain no gain’. The kingdom of God suffers violence; the violence takes it by force. You will go through rejection, hunger, persecution etc., but never give up, do not quit, go through all for the sake of the kingdom. Jesus promised that, anyone that loses anything on this earth because of Him, shall receive 100 fold (Matthew 19:29). Do you need power in the kingdom of God? You have to sacrifice your time. Put all your trust in God so that you can receive the Kingdom.