Good work done so far. Hope you have enjoyed the insights in this journey? Yesterday, we saw how ordinary people with character flaws like us made it and have become the cloud of witnesses because they looked away from themselves and focused on Jesus. Today, we want to consider “How to Run” in such a way that we may Win, as Apostle Paul said in verse 24 of our opening Reading: “You’ve all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race. Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win.” Message Translation

In our spiritual race, we cannot employ earthly tactics. Our strategy to run is straight from the Bible. Warren Wiersbe is quoted as saying, “If Christians were putting into their spiritual walk the kind of discipline that athletes put into their chosen sport, the church will be pulsating with revival”. From the above statement, we can learn that there are specific things we can do to help us with our faith strategy in order to finish well.

Paul, as our spiritual brother and coach in the Lord, gives us four (4) tips to help us train to optimal fitness in our Christian relay:

1. Lay aside every weight. Anything that slows you down in the Christian race.

2. Cast off your Sin: Sin can be packaged in beautiful wrappings. Everything can be perfect from the outside appearances but what about the little sins? The impatience, uncontrolled anger, gossip, the root of bitterness flourishing in your heart towards other church members? I challenge you to cast it aside and lighten your load.

3. Run with Patience: You might not feel confident right now because you see you are struggling with certain things but God chose you anyway. Your pace might be slow and you may be getting frustrated by others who are doing better but you are still part of God’s amazing Race once you are not dead. God uses you right where you are, so learn to be patient with yourself. In Greek, patience means steadfastness, consistency, and endurance. Brother, Sister, you are still in God’s amazing race.

4. Look unto Jesus. People will disappoint you but Jesus won’t, so look up to Him alone.