There was this young handsome guy who lived with his parents and elder siblings. His father was a very rich man who knew God. The young man was really loved by his father because of the circumstances surrounding his birth. Unfortunately, he grew up to meet elderly siblings whose lifestyles were not worthy of Christian emulation. The brothers hated him and sold him to be a slave in a faraway country from home. The reason was that he was always reporting their immoral conduct to their father. He also used to tell them about his dreams of how glorious his future would be.

This rich man’s son was later re-sold to a government official. As he was in that house, the wife of the government official took notice of him because he was handsome and well-built. The woman began to harass him sexually, but he ignored her. One day an opportunity came for the woman to have her evil plans executed but this young man fled for his life. This is because he did not want to disgrace the God who was with him, and likewise, he was not ready to destroy his purpose in life, even though it would have been better for him to be treated well by the sugar mummy. This young man rather chose to become a prisoner for a sin he never committed. Eventually, God vindicated him, and he became the prime minister of that land.

As you may have figured out by now, this story is about Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. Joseph ignored the short-time pleasure offered by Potiphar’s wife that could have cost his future. In his letters, Apostle Paul tells us to flee sexual immorality, and his recommended strategy for all believers is to run! It is clear Joseph escaped by this principle. Is there any reason why we should not?