God’s punishment for the woman and the man are immediately followed by two observations that possibly convey a sense of hope. First we see the man naming his wife Eve which means life giver. Second we see God clothing the couple in a better and permanent garment with the skins of animal. Man’s attempt to clothe themselves without God only left them at the mercy of the scourging sun on the fig leaves. God’s love for humanity was demonstrated when He first gave by killing an animal to clothe the fallen man and his wife. No wonder the Bible says while we were yet sinners Christ (Lamb of God) died for us. That animal that was killed in the Garden of Eden would eventually be the Lamb of God that was slain from the foundation of the world to cover the saints with the True and Lasting garment of victory over the beast.    


The lessons we can learn from the first couple is that any attempt of man to cover his nakedness without God only made them more exposed and vulnerable to the vagaries of the weather, to sin, pollution and deception from the devil. It is only the covering from the Lamb of God (Jesus) that would give us the permanent victory the weather (nature), sin and the devil.  As a youth desire to be clothed with Jesus in His ultimate Truth and power in Jesus’ name.