Fear is the feeling you have when you sense that something bad may happen. It is not a good feeling. It makes you uncomfortable. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow to King Nebuchadnezzar’s image. Their punishment was to be thrown into a fire burning red hot. The King decided to give them a second opportunity to bow but they refused it. They were not afraid of the fire because they knew what they did was pleasing to God. They also knew that God had power to save them. Their bold response to the king made him angry and they heated the fire seven times more.

When you refuse to bow to sin as God’s remnant, you may face some challenges. People will call you names and tease you. You may lose some friends. Some may even stop offering any help. Yes, this is how people behave towards remnants sometimes. The fear of going through these things can affect your decision not to bow to sin.

However, remnants don’t fear. You must be bold and full of faith. God can save you and your decision not to bow pleases Him. Do not allow the fear of losing human friendship overtake your precious friendship with Jesus. I pray boldness into your spirit; may fear depart, and may the Holy Spirit empower you to overcome these fears. If they are teasing you and have left you, may God visit you.