We have seen that remnant means seed or survivor. As a seed is needed for the next planting season, so is the remnant needed to pass on values and principles of God to their generation and beyond. They are God’s means of extending His fear throughout the generations. They are therefore preserved by God.

In the days of Noah, although the people had become greatly wicked, Noah found favour in the eyes of God. God punished the world but He preserved His remnant: Noah and his family. They escaped the flood. In Genesis 19, the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were so awful that God decided to burn down the entire city. However, Lot and his family were preserved but God rained fire upon the city. God does not destroy the wicked with the remnant. When He pours down His anger, He preserves His remnants.

Although in the last days iniquity shall abound, God will preserve His remnant when He comes to judge the wicked. The rapture is the hope of the remnant. It shall take away the remnant at the end of the days before God punishes sin.

God has an eye for you, oh, my dear remnant. He will preserve you through and through. I encourage you to stay glued to Him. Keep looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith. Keep enduring. He will preserve you and come through for you no matter how hard things get.