The most valuable contribution we can make as Christians towards good governance is to live out our true selves as members of God’s creation who have overcome ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and other limitations. Rather than serving the church only, our primary goal is to be in service of God’s worldwide ministry – to be the light to this dark world. This is the true nature of the church.

Knowing how dark this world will be, God remedied that by making us light in this world. In all that we do, the world has their eyes on us because we are the light in this darkness and for that matter we have been placed on the stage to play the role of being a Christian for the world to view admire, applaud our God and copy our way of life.

As seen in the word of God, one who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much. We don’t have to be in the position of authority before we become true in our dealings. If we take politics as an example, our political landscape is full of Christians making about 71% of the population but who are those doing the bribery and the corruption and the stealing of state money either for our families or for our individual needs or wants? As popularly said, power just magnifies who one truly is.

We must therefore distinguish ourselves from those who do not know Christ. The little drops of Christian values in private life will be that which becomes a mighty ocean of truthfulness, peace and prosperity in our nation at large. We will possess the nations by shining our light with our good works all over that men will glorify God.