The highest-priced commodity in Lebanon some thousands of years back was its cedar trees. Due to their weight, density, and lasting quality were used for building warships, fishing vessels, and mansions. The cedars had medicinal values too. Thus, whichever nation took control over the mountainous forests of Lebanon through conquests at the time, exploited its cedars and other forest resources. Thus, the Prophet Isaiah spoke to Israel about the consequences of using the cedars of Lebanon.

In our time, humanity is exploiting forest resources without replacing them. Trees have the ability to absorb pollutants from the atmosphere and release oxygen into the atmosphere for the use of humans and animals. Thus, cutting down trees indiscriminately without replacing them has many implications for human and animal lives. The solution, therefore, is to plant more trees. Cut one and plant one – whenever it becomes necessary to cut down a tree, we must make it a point to plant another tree to replace it.