Today, we would continue with the seventh appearance to the  seven disciples by the sea of Galilee. On this occasion Jesus talked significantly to Simon Peter following the miraculous catch of fish. The next appearance was to five hundred people. This is recited by Paul as an outstanding proof of his resurrection. Jesus was not only  in privacy after resurrection. All eyes saw Him including those who killed Him.

The ninth appearance was to James, the Lord’s brother. There is some evidence that James was not a believer prior to the resurrection, but immediately after the resurrection he  is numbered among the believers. James later became one of the outstanding leaders in the early church. The tenth appearance was to the eleven disciples on the mountain in Galilee. On that occasion He gave them the Great Commission to preach the gospel. The eleventh appearance  occurred at the time of his ascension from the Mount of Olives. This is  the last appearance of Christ to His disciples prior to his glorification.  The next appearance of the resurrected Christ was to Stephen just prior to his martyrdom.

Subsequent appearances, while different in character, confirm the fact of his resurrection. This thirteenth appearance of Christ was to Paul on the road to Damascus as he was about to continue his work of persecuting Christians. On this occasion, Paul was converted. The fourteenth appearance seems to have been to Paul in  Arabia. This appearance is not clearly stated but may be  inferred from Galatians 1:12.

The fifteenth appearance was to Paul in  the Temple when Paul was warned concerning the persecution which  was to come. The sixteenth appearance was to Paul while he was in prison in Caesarea, when it is recorded that the  Lord stood by him and told him that he would bear witness in Rome. The seventeenth appearance was to Apostle John at the beginning of the revelation given to him.

Taken as a whole, the appearances are of such various characters and  to so many people under so many different circumstances that the proof of the resurrection of Christ is as solid as any historical fact that could be cited. If Jesus triumphed over death, then He has what  it takes for you to live. Commit your life to Him today, and He will give you life in this world and the one to come. He is the resurrected  Christ.