The positive picture of the sense of belongingness, oneness, and honesty among the disciples expressed in giving, sharing, and brotherly love in the spirit of integrity was soon marred by an act of duplicity.

Ananias together with his wife Sapphira kept back part of the proceeds and laid part at the feet of the apostles. However, in the eyes of the apostles and the other disciples, the couple had brought the full proceeds. This impression perhaps was created because Ananias and Sapphira wanted praises. This is where the act of duplicity comes in which simply portrays a mixture of truth and falsity.

The Holy Spirit who had been the ambiance within which the fellowship of the disciples revolved is called the Spirit of Truth. Therefore, any act or deed that falls short of the full Truth becomes false. Integrity is 100% Truth but Duplicity is any percentage of Truth that falls short of 100%.


In the environment of a fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the church of Jesus must be careful not to portray any life of duplicity. As nation possessors, we must be complete and consistent with our actions and inactions as far as our dealings are concerned.

We may not die in the physical sense like Ananias and Sapphira but we are sure to lose the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit and His power when we live in duplicity. Therefore, let the church of Jesus stand for the absolute Truth in her dealings with the world to bring it under the rulership of Christ and His kingdom.