Today’s devotional takes us to a chemistry class. There is a need for a protocol to be followed judiciously in your desire to perform any laboratory work. If you try to use CH4 in a chemical reaction instead of NaOH, you will never get the expected results. Principles are fundamental truths or propositions that serve as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour, as well as a chain of reasoning. Principles safeguard potential and protect purpose. Nothing works unless principles are followed. Because the earth is governed by principles, we must become obsessed with developing them in order to win all the time.

1. Association and Synergy

The company you keep can either make or break you. Synergy is the benefit that results from a group of people coming together. The truth is that the company you keep always has an impact on your academics and virtually every aspect of your life. You can’t have an academic guru as a friend and not have his or her study habits rub off on you if that person is truly your friend. Similarly, if you associate yourself with someone who is unconcerned about his or her academics, you will be negatively influenced. As a result, when you make friends in school, you should do so with the intention of adding godly value. Learning from your friend and having good qualities to share with him or her are both beneficial, but make sure you let God choose the friends He wants for you. Form study groups and get people who would push you to study smart and well.

2. Belief System

A belief system is a set of beliefs or principles that assist us in understanding, organising, and making sense of our everyday reality. You can achieve excellence in academics and other areas of your life if you believe you can. Excellence begins in your mind; as long as you win the battle in your mind, excellence is within your grasp. So, if you want to achieve excellence, set your heart on it. Don’t be scared of your own fears. They are not there to frighten you. They’re there to tell you when something is worthwhile. You must believe. Otherwise, it won’t happen. The eye only sees what the mind is ready to comprehend.