As representatives of God here on earth to promote the ideals of our King, we need to be adequately prepared to confront the issues that have bedeviled our world and its systems. Therefore, we must, as a necessity, go through the needed preparation to meet the growing challenges of our day. We require both spiritual and physical training to effectively execute this divine mandate.

In today’s reading, King Nebuchadnezzar, in his quest to select leaders to take up the various roles in Babylon, employed a selection strategy. (Daniel 1:3,4). He saw the need for these potential leaders to go through adequate preparation before they assumed their leadership roles in the kingdom for them to be effective and efficient.


God needs and deserves our very best and when we look up to Him, He will make us exceptional. This is the time for you to acquire all the knowledge there is to acquire, take the initiative to equip yourself with a skill, build godly values, and develop personal convictions. The truth is that an unprepared vessel today will not be qualified to serve in the king’s palace tomorrow.