Among the several types of fishing, there are some which are undertaken in small ponds and relatively shallow water bodies. There are other types of fishing in the great sea which can take several days and weeks by means of ships and other large vessels. The experiences of these two vary greatly. The word of God hints a few facts that are associated with people who set sail in big ships. It says they see things that ordinary people don’t see; they see the mighty works of God in the deep seas.

In the same vein, in our relationship with God there are things about God we will never experience if we continue to stay at the foundational level, repeating the same things over and again. They are only accessible to those who go deeper in Him. As we are being ushered in to 2023, we must chart unfamiliar courses and territories in God. Those who do business in the great waters, witness the mighty works of the Lord. They see His wonders in the deep; they observe the Lord’s power in action.

Those who go into the deep always have testimonies to share; they see the great moves of God; they are acquainted with the supernatural; they see divine power being manifested on regular basis, and they don’t fear death because they are overcomers. So many people are at the shallow waters but very few dare venture into the great waters of God. I invite you into the deeper waters of intimacy with the Holy Spirit, prayer, intercession, Bible study and waiting on God. Pick you sets and let’s go into the deep for a bumper harvest!