A significant event in Christ’s return is that He is coming for the saints and to judge the world. The saints will be raptured to heaven to join Christ. The rapture is a term in theology that refers to the snatching of the saints to heaven. We will be caught up with Christ. Now this event can occur any material moment from now since most of the prophecies of Christ about His return have been fulfilled. Christians must live in daily consciousness of this event or stand the risk of missing it. In the light of this, Jesus admonished his followers saying, “Remember Lot’s wife.” That is, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the saving of Lot and His family is a type of the rapture in the Old Testament.

Lot’s wife missed her salvation because of strong attachment to material things leading to her disobedience. She turned and looked at Gomorrah that was going up in flames and turned into a pillar of salt. We must accept that the fact that our coming to faith in Christ Jesus does not mean we have become automatic candidates for the rapture. What will make us ready for the rapture is our prompt response to God in any condition we find ourselves when He calls. The position of our hearts on the day of the rapture determines the direction we will be magnetized to. We either go up or remain down here when the trumpet sounds. Your desire to be with the Lord should strongly outweigh your desire for the things of the world. Note that when you begin to desire more of the world than being with Christ, then you gradually begin to lose heaven.