Jesus has taken the first step of interceding for us and He has enjoined us to bear with one another. This is one of the ministries Jesus never played with. He is still at the right hand side of the Father interceding for us according to scriptures. From the main reading, Paul said that he never ceased mentioning the Church in Rome in his prayers.

Intercessory prayer becomes very important to our call as Christians for a number of good reasons. First, we demonstrate our care to one another when we intercede for them in prayer. This may even exceed the physical assistance we give to one another. We may not be able to show our love and affection to one another because of our physical abilities but we can intercede for our loved ones. This is what Paul did for the Church in Rome even when he strongly desired to visit them. You will perfectly agree with me that anytime we offer intercessory prayers for the unsaved and act on these prayers to preach the gospel to them, we are able to win them to the Lord. This means that intercessory prayers help to snatch souls from hell fire.

There are some biblical characters who interceded for others apart from what Jesus is still doing for us. We can speak of Moses, who interceded for the people of Israel when they made and worshiped the golden calf. Daniel prayed on behalf of his people, asking God to bring them back from captivity. What about Abraham? He also prayed for his own nephew Lot and his son Ishmael.

Do you want to be an intercessor? Then you must know these. An intercessor must live a godly life and must be pleasing and approved of God. You must also have the love of other people at heart to be able to pray for them. You should also know that intercession is a ministry that demands your commitment and dedication. There are no special people created to be intercessors. You can also decide to be an intercessor, be committed to it and the Lord will give you that grace.