‘Possessing or taking nations’ is an ancient military phrase, which meant replacing the rule or reign of a nation with that of another through conquest. God has called the church to enter the world in two fronts. The first is as an army in the enemies’ territory and the second is as an ambassador or agent who goes into the world with values and principles of the kingdom of God.

The ambassador represents his or her nation. The ambassador does not choose himself but is chosen by the nation which he or she represents through the head of state. As ambassadors of God, we have been chosen by God to represent God and heaven on earth. Therefore, to enter the world, we need to represent Christ and show forth what we do in the kingdom to the watching world. As an ambassador of Christ, your responsibility is to reconcile the world back to God. One of the sure ways of doing this is by letting the world see the principles and values of the kingdom of God in every sphere of your life.

Some of these principles are the principles of work and dignity of labour, service, and respect for all. Others are the values of honesty, kindness love, faithfulness, truthfulness, forgiveness, contentment, humility, moral uprightness and integrity in word and deed. When you (the ambassador) exhibit these principles and values, it will be evident to all that you have been truly transformed to transform society. Reconciling the world to God must be evident in our words and deeds; it must be seen in our preaching and conduct.