The above text is a story which demonstrates Jesus’ power over nature. Peter and his friends had toiled the whole night but had no catch and they were washing their nets ashore. As Jesus got there and the crowd was pushing on Him, he pleaded with Peter to pull his boat out for Him to get a place to sit and teach the people. After using the boat, Jesus told Peter to cast his net into the deep but Peter replied, “Master we have toiled the whole night without a catch …”

Unfortunately, humanity has turned the oceans into a convenient sewer – dumping both liquid and solid wastes into the oceans. Aside from the wastes, other use inappropriate methods for fishing. The impact of the waste and the use of inappropriate methods of fishing results in the loss of habitats for marine lives and the depletion of the fish population in the sea.

Believers who have appreciated the goodness of God’s creation must desist from dumping wastes into the oceans or the use of poisonous and inappropriate methods for fishing. It is a sin to cause any creation of God to groan. If the human species does not change, we are likely get to the stage where our fisher folks would have no catch just as Peter and his friends experienced.