The above passage is part of the sanitation laws God through Moses gave to Israel to guide them. God inhabits clean environment and this might be the reason for John Wesley to have preached his message, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” In the passage, God told Israel to have as part of their tools, a trowel or something to dig with so that whenever they wanted to attend to natures call, they could dig, drop and cover. If Scripture tells humanity to go to animals to learn wisdom, this is in the right direction. Even cats, practice the dig, drop and cover.

The reason for which God gave Israel this rule was the fact that He (God) moves within their camps to drive away their enemies. In moving about in their camps, He would not want to see anything filthy and turn away from them. Unfortunately, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has predicted that about 220 million Africans are engaged in open defecation.

Beloved, this has many implications for the existence of humanity and other species on this earth. It easily spreads communicable diseases. Remember that God does not want to see anything filthy in our environment and turn away.