Believers must adopt the mindset that earthly governing systems are vital to the task of furthering the gospel. It is true that Christians are citizens of the “City of God,” but currently we are also part of the “earthly city” and therefore must be good citizens of both cities. Because politics has real-world implications for Christian evangelism, missions and preaching of the gospel, Christians ought to engage in the political process by leveraging their rightful authority, advocating for laws and policies that contribute to human flourishing. Politics is about the effective and efficient use of resources for the benefit of the people.

The Bible in Genesis 2:15 says God “took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and take care of it”. God has directed the man to take good care of all the resources and utilize them effectively. This makes politics unavoidable in our daily life. It is about the authority we have to pursue what is good and right for our people and to show forth the image and the glory of God in the decision-making and management of resources at our disposal.

It becomes even more unavoidable if we genuinely want to show real concern and respond to the needs and concerns of our people. Beloved, do you know that in our day-to-day activities, right from the home through to our workplace and school, politics is seen all over, as we see authority structure even in the Christian home and even work?

Take a moment and ponder over decisions taken at home, the management of resources at home, all the SRC elections right from primary to the tertiary level, the decision and policies of leadership at the workplace. With this, Christians must begin to appreciate that politics is part of us and God wants us to rise up to the task so that, as we actively engage in it, we show forth the image and the glory of God in it.

Politics is not dirty for believers and even if it is dirty, let us be that soap and water to wash it. Politics is not rotten, and even if it is, let us be that salt to preserve it. Politics is not as dark as we see it and even if it is, let us be the light to shine forth the glory of God to brighten it.