The proverbial passage for today brings out the importance of planning with God. He is the omniscient God, knowing the end from the beginning. Before the start of 2024, He knows its end already in time. It is a prudent choice, therefore, to make your plans with Him. The wise man suggests that, to man belongs the plans of the heart, but the Lord has the reply to all things, weighing your thoughts and motives.

For your plans to succeed, you should commit to the Lord whatever you do. You should not single some things out but commit all that you do to the Lord. Letting the Lord be part of your everyday life brings his presence, influence and grace to your life and actions. As you seek to plan your activities, do not leave God out. Be assured that God is interested in every detail of your life. Your personal, family, social, corporate, intellectual and financial life are all of interest to the Lord your God. Leaving Him out may accrue repercussions that could have been avoided. For the thoughts and ways of God are far higher than yours, and in them lie your victory, peace and blessings.

Trying to go through your plans without God may be a characteristic of having a proud heart, which God detests. Such people with proud hearts will not go unpunished. The grace of God and the direction of His Spirit may bring to mind revelations that may not naturally occur to you. God reaches out to you through His love and faithfulness, and your reverential fear of Him helps you to avoid evil and calamity. Trust God with your plans and your course of actions, and when your ways

please Him, His favour and grace will cause even your enemies to be at peace with you.

It is the Lord who is able to search your heart and examine your mind, rewarding you according to your conduct and deeds. If God can do this, you should surrender the heart which is deceitful above all things and ask him to guide you through His purpose and will for your life. Do not forget that it is in your heart that you plan your course, but it is the Lord that determines your steps. Trust the Lord to help you as you continue to surrender and plan for the year ahead, and God will remain faithful

to His promises to you.