Man is a tripartite being with a body, soul and spirit. It is important for us to know that life here on earth ends when the body is no more. The human soul lives in a body; it is therefore very crucial for everyone to take good care of the body in order not to truncate the time God has planned for us to live here on earth. Some people usually downplay the issue of taking good care of themselves physically. A lot of young           people are so captivated in maintaining a healthy relationship with God, which is very good but forget their physical bodies. If God works through human beings, then He needs us to be physically sound in order to do His work effectively.

Our bodies belong to the Lord and we are stewards of our own body because He bought us at a price; we therefore need to take very good care of the Lord’s property by paying close attention to the needs of the whole body as faithful stewards of His body, with the mind-set that we will one day render an account of our stewardship to Him. Our body parts, including our hands, eyes, stomach, feet, tongues, heads, legs and other parts must be maintained and managed well always. As young people, we need to exercise daily and eat nutritious meals which are balanced, drinking water frequently, bathing twice daily, washing of hands and clothes, periodic medical check-up and many more.

We also need to be careful not to overwork the body; rest well and have a good sleep at night to help rejuvenate lost energies. “And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favour of God was upon him” (Luke 2:40). This verse shows that Jesus

was not only filled with the power of God but He was also healthy and this is a requirement of every Christian.

Do you have a plan for your health? How often do you exercise your body?