A phlegmatic is naturally lazy and sluggish. Aside from being sluggish, a phlegmatic is naturally selfish and miserly. They usually think about themselves rather than thinking about the wellbeing of others. Proverbs 10:4-5 cautions us about being sluggish and lazy, which are two major weaknesses of a phlegmatic. The writer in another instance advised the sluggish person to go to the ant and learn its ways.

Despite the weakness noted earlier, a phlegmatic can be humorous, equitable, tolerant and peace-loving. Such persons have some well- balanced personalities. These characteristics can make them live at peace with others no matter the circumstance. Timothy in the Bible has been identified by scholars as a phlegmatic who wouldn’t attempt anything unless he’s prompted. However, he allowed himself to be used by the Holy Spirit and he was able to pastor the Ephesian Church to the admiration of his choleric boss, the Apostle Paul.

No matter our weakness as phlegmatic, the Holy Spirit can turn these weaknesses into strengths and make us useful in the Kingdom of God.