The Quiet Time is the term used to describe the individual Christian’s time alone in the presence of God. It can also be referred to as personal devotion. It is a period that involves prayer, worship, the study of the Bible, and meditation on the Scriptures. This is a daily deepening of the relationship we have with the Lord.

The believer must dedicate time for this, preferably in the morning. Our Scripture reading for today tells us that Jesus went to commune with His Father very early in the morning while it was still dark at a solitary place. His disciples had to go in search of Him. This implies that He was away from all people even His closest friends.

The Quiet Time is not a time of family devotion or group devotion (which are also very important). It is time spent alone with the Lord.

Our Quiet Time should not be done in a noisy place. It should be at a time and place conducive for one-on-one communication with no interference. Quiet Time should not be in our spare time. It should not be done out of compulsion but with a joyful heart.

It should be a deliberately planned time where the believer meets His Maker daily. It is during this period that we grow our relationship with the Lord and sharpen our spiritual senses. The Lord gives us direction for each day, as we have our Quiet Time.