The Greek word translated “persecuted” means “to pursue,” as a hunter pursues his game. Persecution is not just being mistreated. The believer may be hunted and followed left, right and center by so many things (sin, the world, Satan) which seek to break us down, but it does not make us forsaken or abandoned by God.

In the reading from John 15:18-23, our Lord Jesus Himself made us aware that as far as we are His followers we are bound to be persecuted by the world for no reason because He Himself was persecuted by it. As followers of Jesus Christ persecution is one of the challenges we must face on our journey to enjoy the future Glory. Our strength may dry out, we may walk in the valley of the shadow of death, but, halleluiah, the Lord will never abandon nor forsake us. We are safe in the hands of Christ and are kept by the power of God. We may be persecuted because of what we are carrying. However, Child of God, carry on for God is with you. Serve your generation with the deposit God has given you. Do not allow oppositions to curtail your impact. Be wise and circumspect. The Lord is with you oh carrier of heavenly treasure.


In times of persecution, we must know that we have not been abandoned by God. Press on. God is watching over us.