Have you been plunged into doubt, or confusion about life and having feelings of hopelessness? Have you been surrounded by difficult and hard-to-understand situations? Situations you ask how can this be? That is the feeling of being perplexed. It can make you lose yourself and your ability to get through your situations at hand.

In life, sometimes we may find ourselves in situations where we would doubt we are carriers of the power of God and feel completely inadequate to change the situation at hand. However, the word of the Lord says that despite those perplexities, we are not to despair; we do not give up hope.

To despair is to turn your back on God and be in a place of complete hopelessness. We have a treasure in us that gives us hope for a better tomorrow. For we have been made a new creation as we are in Christ to show forth the power of God.

We know that God is still at work. God is in the process of working something out for our good. We believe that He has reasons and purposes for these things which we may not understand now. Thus, when we feel all hope is lost, we should remember that God has not forgotten us and in Him is our answer.

A life that does not despair is one that hopes against all hope just like Abraham, till God’s word is manifested for all to see. When we are confused, Jesus is not confused.