Ama is deeply concern about her relationship with others. She believes that, it is important to live in peace and harmony with others. She usually calls to find out how her friends are faring during the week. She pays regular visit to their homes and spend some time interacting with them. If someone offends her, she takes the pains of going to the person privately to express her thoughts and feelings in love about incident that cause the hurt. She takes her interpersonal relationship seriously and make every effort to resolve conflicts in ways that promote peace and harmony in relationships.

Socio-emotional development ensures that one live peacefully with others by interacting in a healthy and compassionate manner. Paying the socio-emotional price involves the sacrifices one makes in order to build effective interpersonal relationship for Christian growth. The Bible enjoins us that as much as it depends on you, make every effort to live in peace with all persons (Rom.15:18). It calls on us to keep paying the prices that result in peaceful living with all.

To what extent do you interact with others in a healthy and compassionate manner? What price do you need to pay to improve this? Here are a few steps: examine the quality of your interactions with family, peers, and others; make a list of things to do to promote peace and harmony in all your interactions. Start paying the price now by taking actions that promote effective interpersonal relationships