Kwame was found jogging and taking a walk every morning in his neighbourhood. One day, during his usual workouts, he fell and hurt his knee, his neighbours thought this will be the end of his routine exercises. Few days after the incident, his neighbours saw him jogging again, one of them asked “are you still jogging, I thought you will stop this jogging”. Kwame replied, “this is part of the price to pay for staying physically healthy”. In order to stay physical healthy and strong, one must be willing to pay prices such as regular exercises and eating a healthy diet.

The Bible attest to the essence of good health. Apostle John prays that Christians will stay healthy even as our souls grows spiritually in the Lord (3Jn. 1:2). For this prayer for good health to become a reality, we must be willing to pay the price. Physical training is required for maximum health benefits and you must be willing to pay that price.

How strong is your physical body? Do you want to stay healthy and physically strong? Here are some few steps: identify regular exercises you can embark on, make changes to your eating habits by including vegetables and fruits in your diet, start paying the price of regular exercise and healthy eating habit. Remember there is a price for everything, and things go to those who are willing to pay the price.