Kofi’s parents began to worry about his progress with his studies. This was after continuous complaints of Kofi’s poor performance in class by his teachers. This complaint was also contained in his termly reports. After several discussions, Kofi decided to do something. He gets to school earlier in order to spend at least 30 minutes of studying before classes begin. Also, he spends at least 30 minutes going through his work before leaving the school compound. Kofi makes time to do his assignments and asks his parents to cross-check his work before taking it to school. After a while, it was observed Kofi’s academic work witness steady progress.

Cognitive development involves taking intentional steps to grow in learning and cognitive abilities. In other words, growing in wisdom. It is about paying the price of studies in order to increase the ability to reason and solve problems. In 2 Timothy 2:15, Paul admonishes Timothy to study to show himself approved- demonstrate growth and maturity. For Timothy to demonstrate this cognitive ability, it calls for paying some price – studies of scripture.

Which areas of your life do you need to grow in your learning, reasoning, and problem-solving? Here are some steps to consider: identify areas you would like to grow in learning, reasoning and problem-solving; make a list of activities to be carried out for cognitive growth. Start paying the price now by carrying out those activities