The Christian’s contribution through participating in politics, taking leadership roles and being part of elections cannot be dismissed. Some do argue that taking such roles and again being an active participant in national affairs is to be shunned by Christians. As scripture describes us to be the light of this world, our usefulness is felt more in darkness.

It is therefore relevant to be participate in governmental affairs and processes. Christians are to be the direction by which our world makes their journey towards good governance. We are the ones created for good works therefore we are to join and show the world “what ought to be”. A folded arm and a padlock mouth will produce no results. To this end, Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah (Rtd.) says that if politics is a dirty game, then Christians are the soap to wash and clean the dirt in politics. It is therefore important that as Christ’s ambassadors, we bring the values of the kingdom of God to bear on governance in our society.

As ambassadors of Christ, representing God here on this earth, we are the vehicle through which he executes such decrees and decisions. He makes the rulers through us, and he continues to provide the knowledge and wisdom to the nation through us. We must therefore participate on all fronts. We must be the agent by which the will of God is established on this earth. We also must be politically active; to

evaluate economic ideologies; to confront and question policies that exclude or marginalize specific groups of people; and to question government spending priorities. We unequivocally have a part!