Everything in creation except man obeys the voice and will of God. The Fire, hail, snow, vapour and the stormy wind are all fulfilling His Word (Psalm 148:8). In the Book of Jonah, we see the winds and waves, and even the fish, obeying God’s commands; but the prophet persisted in disobeying. But the prophet stubbornly wanted his own way.  One of the reasons why it is easy for all creatures except man to obey God is simply because they have no will or choice of their own. Man however has been given the free will to either choose to obey or disobey as a free moral agent. It takes an extra effort and determination to choose to obey God; hence our obedience can best be described as joyful obedience.

The secret of joyful obedience is to recognize that obedience is a family matter. That is to say our obedience to God makes us see Him as a Loving Father who makes us role models in the kingdom family for our brothers and sisters. The truth is that our obedience to the Lord as a loving Father helps other brothers and sisters in Christ. This is so because, the same law that says love and obey the Lord also instructs us to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Furthermore, Jesus adds in John 14:15 that those who love Him would keep (obey) His commandments. Jesus has set the pattern of love and obedience which He showed to the Father while here on the earth. His disciples and all believers in like manner must emulate this perfect example. Our test and real prove of loving God and people, is in obeisance to the word of God. Today prove to God that you love Him by showing and demonstrating love to people and showing commitment to the Bible as God’s word.